Motivational Speaker Michael Broome


Michael Broome has addressed over 3,000 audiences since 1979. By hiring Michael, you’ll have one less worry in planning your next event. Don’t take our word for it – read over 300 references from 27 diverse industries. They verify that he “wows audiences” and “exceeds expectations.” These are not marketing clichés. They are facts supported by the most reputable speakers bureaus in the business. Whether you need a customized one-hour keynote, a half-day seminar, or a final hurrah, he can deliver substance, passion, and humor.

It’s contradictory for the website of a humorous motivational speaker to be neither humorous nor motivational. That’s why you should watch the video. It showcases Michael’s comedic style and his ability to engage an audience intellectually and emotionally. And, for even further assurance and amusement, keep reading.


Top 5 Reasons to Book Michael Broome

Michael delivers.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should hire Michael. After all, where’s his credibility? He’s not the number-one expert on any subject, nor is he a best-selling author, Fortune 500 CEO, journalist, politician, athlete, or astronaut. But while some of his competitors were kissing babies, throwing footballs, or drinking Tang in outer space, Michael was researching performance principles and refining the communication skills your audience needs. With budgets under scrutiny and with today’s aggressive marketplace, audiences had better take home more than a celebrity’s autograph.

Working with Michael is stress-free!

No prima donna, Michael arrives at the engagement early, checks out the sound system, and if needed he’ll help set up the room. He ends the presentation on the exact minute you request and enjoys spending time with your people afterward.

Michael customizes his presentations.

His speeches are so personalized, that after addressing a plumbing association, an audience member asked, “Do you ever speak to groups other than plumbers?” (Michael considers this to be his greatest compliment.)

It’s not about him. It’s about your people.

Some speakers simply talk too much about themselves. As one speaker said, “That’s enough of me talking about me; I’ll give you a chance to ask questions about me.” Though Michael uses some personal anecdotes, his purpose is to inspire audiences to utilize their potential, not to promote himself.

Money Back Guarantee!

Michael Broome comes with a “money back guarantee!” No client has ever asked for a refund … though one misunderstanding occurred when Michael said he spoke for a fee and the client thought he said “for free.”